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  • Gather Intel Fast: Your time is precious so we deliver results in less than 10 seconds.

  • Built with you in mind: Works on multiple types on amazon pages to keep you working and not clicking.

  • Not Restricted to the USA: You can use this in any country you want to get info on your competitors.

  • Mobile App Included: Analyze competitors even while shopping in a store or on the go

Why How Many Dominates the Competition

See Past Seller Limits

*Only available on amazon.com in NEW condition and FBA
Your competitors can no longer hide their FBA inventory by limiting the amount they will sell. We show Inventory in transfer, inbound and limited for FBA items in New condition.

Unlimited Use of Our Mobile App

Do you do Retail Arbitrage or are you constantly researching products on your phone? You are going to love our mobile app to get that critical piece of info before you make a buying decision.

Works in the US, Canada and UK!

We are the only extension that provides variation data on shoes, clothing, etc from products from the UK. Don't just limit yourself to the US!

Unlimited Use of Variation Viewer

  • Gather Intel Fast: Your time is precious so we deliver results in less than 10 seconds.

  • Uncover Hidden Gems:You can use this to see in stock and out of stock variation data on any asin on amazon. This even works on amazon.co.uk, just enter your mws details after signing up and you are good to go

  • View price, reviews, quantity available and even the image: Save time and analyze all the data points you need on one page

  • Export to CSV and filter more or you can filter and sort right in the table.: You are in complete control and manipulate the data however you want to fit your business.

  • Perfect for Amazon to Amazon flips: See the next price and the next stock amount all on one page.

Clearly see data on your competition on the product page

Loads automatically

Product page info loads automatically 

Buy Box Stock

We get the buy box available quantity

Other Relevant Sellers

Just curious about the buy box eligible merchants? We give that info to you automatically

Save Time

See next lowest price for a specific variation

Uncover True Stock Counts

Never leave the amazon site and be able to see the stock data for the next lowest price and snag up all their stock and resell it for a profit.

Automatically loads

No need to do anything, this all happens automagically

Storefront Feature

Other Features you are going to love

Right-Click Context menu

Easily highlight and right-click any asin in chrome and we will bring you to a page with all the merchant info for that asin.

Iphone and Android Apps

Easily scan or enter a product and see the stock and asin data anywhere you have internet! 

Review/Variation data on mobile (BETA)

Do you buy a lot of shoes, we will show you the most popular variations right on your phone. 

Great support

We use a third party called freshdesk to manage our support tickets to ensure nothing gets lost

Continual developement

We are continuously improving this product and making it better every single month.

Month to month with no long term contracts

You do not need to sign any long term contract with us to use our product. Sign up and cancel anytime

Just Starting

5 Usages per day


  • Limited to 5 Usages/Day
  • Super Fast - Get results in seconds
  • Get Available Qty on Offer Listing Pages
  • Use it as long as you want
  • Fantastic Support


No restrictions + more features

$14.95/month or $149.50/Year

  • Unlimited Usage
  • See past seller limits up to 999
  • Super Fast - Get results in seconds
  • Get access to our companion iOS and Android App
  • Get In Stock Qty on Product Detail and Offer Listing Pages
  • Adds up the total amount available on each page!
  • Works on many amazon locales; .com, .co-uk & .de
  • Filter all the in stock variations on a listing and export to csv
  • All future updates included
  • Fantastic Support

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